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The McDowell Genealogy

The given name “Doctor” does not refer to a physician.  It is simply a given name that was used extensively around 1800, particularly as related to the Hill family. In the Sion Hill and Starage Lee Hill family there was several Doctor Hills throughout the generations. However, there was a Doctor Hill born in Randolph County in 1796, but he was NOT related to the Sion Hill and Starage Lee line.  Here is just a little information about him so that he can be eliminated as a possible member of our Sion Hill family.

Doctor Hill

Doctor Hill was born in Randolph Co. N.C., June 28th, 1796 a son of John and Rachel Sargent. Mr. Hill was twice married - first in his native Randolph County in 1815 to Rachel Sargent. In 1818 Doctor Hill moved to Crawford County, Illinois, having lived two years in Sullivan Co., Indiana. In 1825, wife Rachel Sargent Hill died leaving a family of five children. In 1828, he married to Cynthia Smith of Virginia and she survived until 1872 (see census records). When Doctor Hill first came to this county he purchased 160 acres of land. He accumulated quite a small fortune that he deeded to his children and their heirs. He served as commissioner under the old county organization. Mr. Hill, was a remarkable man and after living ninety-one years passed away.