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The McDowell Genealogy

[Most original documents have been enhanced and cleaned up in Photoshop]

Original Copies of Records

Will of John Griggs - proved 1771 Court of Northampton County, NC - (typed copy)

Mary Fulgham and family to Lawrence Smith - written December 2, 1803 - proven May 19, 1804. This original is extremely hard to read, especially the boundaries of the deed. The typed copy has been checked carefully to make sure it is transcribed properly since it is an extremely important deed naming a Polly McDowell. A plat of the land is attached as well - meanders of the swamp are noted as straight lines.

1790 Federal Census of Northampton County, NC- James McDowell and others

Drury Walden deed to James McDowell - three acres, registered September Court 1797, Northampton County, NC

The estate of Anthony McDowell - December 1804, administered by James McDowell

A plat of McDowells, Exums, and Lowes land in Northampton County. This original copy is extremely difficult to read. If you would like a Photoshop PSD copy, please email Jerry. Survey was requested by Daniel Mason, husband of Dorothy L. D. Smith, daugther of Lawrence Smith - 1814 (Drawn copy) and transcribed copy.

James McDowell went to Wake Country around 1810-1811 in the middle of all the court transactions. The court of Northammpton County sent a writ to the sheriff of Wake County asking the sheriff the find James McDowell and send him back to Northampton County. The sheriff said he was "not to be found in Wake County." This pretty much stopped all the legal actions with James McDowell in Northampton County.

James McDowell witnesses a marriage in 1811 in Wake County

Allen Rogers and others for the estate of Michael Rogers in Wake County, 1800 deed to William Smith of Northampton County

Matthew Fulgham 1800 Federal Census - Wake County, NC

George McDowell and Sarah Doby marriage license, Wake County, May 21, 1808

William McDowell and Elizabeth Hardcastle marriage license, Wake County, April 8, 1808

Delilah (Lile) McDowell receiving support for her and her children from St. George's Parish in Northampton County, NC 1805 - Anthony McDowell, her husband, died in 1803. George McDowell is also receiving 15 pounds for his support of Amy Murrell on the same page. In addition, Harmon Hill is being paid for taking care of Patsy Hill (presumably an orphan).

Delilah McDowell 1810 Federal Census - Northampton County, NC

Deed from William McDowell, Humphrey Parks and wife Nancy (formerly Nancy Jarrell) and Rebecca Brown (formerly Rebecca Murrell) to Richard Pope, 1828, Northampton County, NC. This is the final sale of the land known as the McDowell's, Exum's, Lowe's Tract of Land of 762 acres that was part of the estate of Colonel Lawrence Smith in 1813. The McDowell's no longer have any inheritance from this land that was formerly willed from John Griggs to his heirs.

Sally McDowell and Stephenson Martin marriage license, Northampton County, NC, February 14, 1833

Arthur Peacock 1850 Census - Jackson County, FL

Arthur Peacock's Family and Delilah Dupree in 1850 - Jackson County, FL

John McDowell marriage license, 1819, Wake County, NC

John McDowell - 1840 Federal Census, Randolph County, NC

Tilathy (Hill) McDowell - 1850 Federal Census, Randolph County, NC

John McDowell - Coroner's Report September 1842 - Page 1 and Page 2

John McDowell Court Records 1842 - order to pay Coroner J P Julian for inquest

Harding Atlas McDowell - World War II Enlistment Record, December 11, 1942

Jacob Rowell BIBLE RECORDS (born March 1823) - son of Harmon Rowell and Faday Dupree [Bible records are from Elaine Baldasare, descendant of Harmon Rowell]

Levina (Smith) Fulgham - 1850 Census, Jackson County, FL - wife of Matthew Fulgham

Marriage record for Green Hill and Nancy Mitchell, 1803, Wake County, NC

Marriage record for Green Hill and Nancy Sneed, 1819, Wake County, NC - witness Sihon Hill

John McDowell co-bondsman for marriage of William Jackson and Phebe Pool, Randolph County, January 4, 1823

Estate of Joseph Exum and Anne Exum Dower, 1798, Northampton County. Outside reads Martha Exum, Writ of Dower but on the inside, the wife is named Anne Exum. CR 071.508.66

Jesse McDowell, son of James McDowell (Randolph County) Bible Records

Abner Hill land records in Randolph County - 1803. Plat Survey - Original request for survey of 200 acres

Milton Hill (son of Abner Hill and Nancy Cross Hill), George McDowell and Jesse McDowell (sons of James McDowell - Randolph County) and Reuben Smith, son of Emilios Smith (May 1844) are in criminal action for turning over a bee hive belonging to Eli Whitney of New Salem, Randolph Count. Document notating court costs. Other costs document

Green Hill (older Green Hill from Wake County) land patent number 9 in Davidson Count 1830

Green Hill of Wake County Land Warrant No 9 - November 11, 1830 bordering William Hill's land and on Lick Creek and witnessed by Henry Hill in Davidson County, NC - File # 47 Davidson County Land Grants

William Hill (of Raleigh, Wake County) Land Warrant No 192 in Davidson County, NC on Cabbin Creek, June 18, 1828, 100 acres containing a gold vein through the tract - File #31 Davidson County Land Grants

William Hill Land Warrant No 261 in Davidson County, NC, December 7, 1829, on Abbot's Creek, 6.5 acres joining Jacob Miller, Jr. and John Miller, Jr. - File #46 Davidson County, Land Grants

Abner Hill - Randolph County 1842 - accused of selling "spirituous liquids" to a slave Isaac belonging to Priscilla Free. Abner Hill found not guilty and finally Luke Cross and Jesse Wall witnesses for the defendant - an important document linking the Cross family from Wake into Randolph County with Abner Hill - Abner Hill married Nancy Cross in Wake County

Riley Hill - 25 acres of land in Randolph County, January 12, 1876 on the waters of the Uwharrie River and bounding the McDowell (Levi) line. File # 3210 - Riley Hill Land Grant.

Riley Hill - 500 acres on the waters of the Uwharrie River. August 4, 1875. This is the document commanding the surveyor to lay off the land for Riley Hill. File # 3210 - Riley Hill Land Grant.

Sarah Smith, wife of William Smith - 1830 Census of Wake County, NC. Sarah is 60-70 years old and thus was born between 1760-1770 and in the Cross Roads District with her children (several of whom are listed on the same page. William Smith married Sallie Rogers on May 5, 1811 in Sussex County, VA, but that might NOT be the correct marriage. However, land records between the Rogers, Smiths, and Fulghams tend to make this believeable. However, William would have to have been married once before because his children are mostly born in the 1790-1800 timeframe.

William Wall married Zilpha Smith on Dec 15, 1823 in Wake County, NC. She is listed as Zilpha Wall, wife of William Wall in a subsequent land record.

Matthew Fulgham married Levina Smith on October 2, 1811 in Wake County, NC. Levina Smith is the daughter of William Smith and Sarah Rogers (?) - and is enumerated with the names of all her brothers and sisters in a deed to follow. This is an extremely important document tieing the Fulghams to the Smith family (William Smith is from Northampton County as was Matthew Fulgham) and the Fulghams to the Rogers family and others neighbors in the Cross Roads District of Wake County (such as George McDowell and Noel Knight).

Harding Atlas McDowell and Evangeline Hawks marriage license in York County, SC, 1941.

John Stanley, son of Isaac Stanley, marriage license to Sarah Archer, September 1850.

Isaac Stanley, son of Micajah Stanley, married Esther Lee in Guildfor County.

Estate of Isaac Stanley - petition NOT to divide the lands overturned in court, 1861.

John Montrose Stanley, son of John Stanley, application for marriage with Odelia Erastus Holt and the original marriage record.

John Montrose Stanley, application for administrator bond of father John Stanley.

John Stanley with sister Esther living with him in the 1880 census of Guilford County.

Henry R. Holt information in the 1900 census records.

Duke University - Distribution Schedule for James B. Duke Estate in 1926.