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Hill Families - Miscellaneous Pictures

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I had the opportunity to visit many persons in Randolph County. While doing so, I collected a great deal of information and in the process, I also collected many pictures. Unfortunately, some of those pictures were taken simply as part of the process and not intended for the publication of the McDowell genealogy book. Sadly, in that process, a number of pictures were stored and not labeled correctly. The samples on this page are important individual or family pictures. I have done my best to identify them as I remember their names. If you can assist in authenticating who they are, please contact me at this email address. With one exception, these family members are all descendants of the John D. Hill and Zilla Miller family from Randolph County. John D. Hill was born May 5, 1825 and died after 1880. His wife Zella Miller was born October 28, 1826. (Comments by Jerry McDowell).

Hinton Hill - born December 29, 1847 and died June 9, 1922 in Wichita, Kansas. He married Martha Hamilton on November 15, 1875. It is believed that this is a family picture of Hinton Hill and wife Martha and their children.

Hinton Hill - this is believed to be the same Hinton Hill noted just above but the picture was taken when he was younger.

Zilla Miller Hill - this is believed to be a picture of Zilla Miller who married John D. Hill. She was born on October 28, 1826.

Hill Family - this is a picture of a Hill family borrowed from Hill relatives who lived off highway 105 in Davidson County, NC. The specific family is not remembered.

Hilliard Hill - His full name is believed to be Doctor Hilliard Hill (not the same one noted immediately below). He was born June 5, 1864 and died on December 11, 1924 in Randleman, NC.

* * * * *

Tish Hill, daughter of Hilliard Hill and Martha J. (lastname unknown) and her husband Tobe Crawford and son Leroy Crawford.

Three daughters of Jones Columbus Hill (born March 13, 1858 and died at age 87 - son of Hinton Hill and Martha Hamilton). He was married three times and had 21 children with his wives.

Clara Belle Hill, daughter of Hinton Hill and Martha Hamilton, born January 7, 1881 and died 1963. She is pictured with her husband Sam Bright.

Clara Belle Hill and sister Annie Hill, daughters of Hinton Hill and Martha Hamilton.

Blanche Hill Crawford is standing on the right - she is the daughter of Tish Hill and her husband Tobe Crawford.

Turie Hill Sales, daughter of Jones Columbus Hill.

* * * * *

Doctor Hilliard Hill - he was born 1843 in Randolph County, the only child born to Hinton Hill and Martha Ann Miller (Zilla Miller's sister). He died on January 27, 1926. He married Nancy L. Brookshire on March 15, 1867 and she is pictured on the porch with him. He also lived and died in Randleman, NC, so it's easy to understand how this gentleman and the one immediately listed above could be confused with one another.