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The McDowell Genealogy
Noah Soloman McDowell and Betsy Jane Lawrence with daughter Chloe Mae McDowell

Noah Soloman McDowell and Family from tin plate

Noah Soloman McDowell and family around 1897 - Noah is holding Chloe Mae McDowell

Noah Soloman McDowell and Elizabeth Jane Lawrence

The Family of Noah Soloman McDowell (1856 - 1923) and Elizabeth Jane Lawrence(1851 - 1925).

Elizabeth Jane Lawrence is the daughter of Tommy Lawrence and Mahala Bell.

Noah Soloman McDowell was born on May 26, 1856 in Randolph County and died on July 26, 1923. He was the first son of Levi McDowell and Polly Yates. He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in High Point, North Carolina. There is presently no marker on his grave.

Noah married Elizabeth Jane Lawrence on Nov. 20, 1878 in Randolph County at the Mahaley House. F. Nance was the Justice of the Peace and the witnesses to the marriage were A. C. Nance, Henry Tysinger, and A. C. Ridge. Noah was 23 when he married and Elizabeth was 25.

Elizabeth Jane Lawrence, known as Bessy Jane or "B. J.", was the daughter of Tommy Lawrence and Mahala Bell. She was born May 1, 1851 and died June 18, 1925. Seven children were born to this marriage.  All lived to adulthood with the exception of James W. McDowell. The following are the children of Noah Soloman McDowell and Bessy Jane Lawrence.

  1. Mary LeeAnna McDowell - born Nov. 19, 1879 and died Sept. 14, 1973. She married twice; first to George Lee Milsap and second to William Alson Lanier
  2. William Atlas McDowell - born May 12, 1882 and died April 1, 1941. He was married three times; first to Mary Procter, second to Ella Rixbury (Rigsby). and third to Dovie Roxanne Morgan Wells. Mary Procter was born May 10, 1880 and died on Nov. 29, 1914. She was the daughter of Albert and Jane Procter. William Atlas McDowell and Mary Procter were married on Nov. 20, 1902 by Reverend Hilliard. The witnesses were Mrs. Hilliard and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.
  3. Thomas Ivey McDowell - born Oct. 19, 1885 and died Nov. 23, 1936  He married Maude Odell Johnson (born Aug.  27, 1887 and died June 18, 1970).
  4. James W. McDowell - born Oct. 19, 1885 and deceased before 1900. According to the Bible that belonged to William Atlas McDowell, this was James' birth date. This would appear to make him a twin to Thomas Ivey McDowell. No other information is known about him.
  5. Eli Franklin McDowell - born Oct. 8, 1887 and died in 1974.  He married Lowe Rena Smith on April 30, 1908.  Some records refer to her name as Rinna Maheley. They were married in Davidson County.  Lowe Rena Smith was born Jan. 9, 1888 and died Nov. 1964.
  6. Ervin Edgar McDowell - born June  8, 1890 and died July 11, 1972. He married twice; first, to Rosie Newsom who was the daughter of W. W. Newsom and Mary Lewis. Rosie was born in Yadkin County on Dec. 6, 1895.
  7. Chloe Mae McDowell - born May 20, 1894 and died July 21, 1980. She married James Buchanan Reid.