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The McDowell Genealogy

Jerry McDowell

Larry Jerome (Jerry) McDowell

Jerry and Dolores McDowell

Dolores McDowell

Dolores Ann Sloan

Larry Jerome (Jerry) McDowell and Dolores Ann Sloan

The Family of Larry Jerome (Jerry) McDowell and Dolores Ann Sloan.

Dolores Ann Sloan is the daughter of Reese Watson Sloan and Mary Agnes Corriher.

Larry Jerome (Jerry) McDowell - born June 23, 1946 married on November 23, 1969 to Dolores Ann Sloan - born Oct. 17, 1946.

  1. David Craig McDowell - born Sept. 19, 1975.
  2. Susan Lynne McDowell - born Jan. 18, 1977 and died February 14, 1995.  We miss her every day.