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The McDowell Genealogy

Possibility of Error

In a research project of this size and with the nature of data collection, it is impossible to produce an error-free document.  The authors have taken great care to assure that all information received has been transcribed correctly.  In some cases, Bible records, tombstone readings, and family record sheets submitted by descendants did not always agree.  Because of these discrepancies, one faces the dilemma of choosing the "best" source of information from which to compile the data.  The greatest possibility of error comes in the spelling of names and in the listing of dates.  Corrections and/or additions by are welcomed by the authors.


It is not possible to recognize specifically all persons who have assisted in this genealogy research.  Special recognition and thanks must be extended to Mrs. Chloe Mae McDowell Reid who was inspirational in the early beginnings of this project in supplying a great amount of information and clues.  Although she has now passed on to her reward, this genealogy might not have been possible without her assistance.

The authors must certainly thank their wives for their patience and understanding for the many hours of time away from home and family while researching in the Archives, researching on the Internet, and visiting with relatives.

Chloe Mae McDowell Reid